Who We Are

The Woodworkers Association of Arkansas (WAA) is an organization of individuals in Arkansas who are hobbyists or professionals (or both) who create and build objects of wood.  Our members range in experience and skill level from the beginner who has just started their woodworking journey to the professionals who make their living woodworking.  We welcome all newcomers and guests to attend a meeting.  If you like what you experience we hope you will join our great organization.

What We Do

WAA meets monthly to share our common passion in woodworking.  The meeting agenda consists of a very brief business meeting, followed by a “Show ‘n Tell” session where members display and tell about their recent projects.  Following “Show ‘ n Tell”, a WAA member will present a short tool review.  After the tool review, the official program for that month starts.  WAA members often present the program, with several programs each year by guest presenters who are particularly skilled and noted.   The program consists of a demonstration of techniques and tools for advancing woodworking skills.

Where and When

The WAA meets monthly, on the first Tuesday evening of each month.  The meeting starts at 7:00 pm, many members and guests arrive early to visit and discuss the latest in their woodworking adventures.  Meetings are presently in the Park Hill Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall located at East F St. and North Pine St., at the rear of the Church at 3520 JFK Blvd. in North Little Rock.  Parking can be found to the rear of the church next to the Fellowship Hall.  You will find yellow stairs leading up to the entrance where the meeting takes place.

Visitors are always welcome!

 Become a Member

Dues for annual membership are $25.00 per year, to be mailed or paid at the monthly meeting to the current Secretary – Treasurer. Visitors are always welcome, and membership is encouraged, but not required, to attend a meeting.


The Next Meeting:

The March program will be a 2 part program.  The first part will be on HIDE GLUE and the second part will be on building a round table with a round apron.
Pat Morris and Phil Brown will be discussing both hot hide glue and premixed, ready to use, hide glue.  They both will go into the qualities, strengths, weaknesses, open time, history and more of both types of glue.   And why woodworkers might want to consider hide glue for their next project.
Pat is going to show how to make liquid hide glue from pellets and hot water.  He will also explain how to use a veneer hammer when applying veneer with hot hide glue.
Phil Brown is going to explain the ease of using “ready to use” hide glue.  He will be concentrating on two brands, “TiteBond” and “Old Brown Glue.”   When he restores a piece of antique furniture, he will explain how he disassembles the joint that was held together with hide glue when it was made.
The second part of the program will be how Moe Hansen made a round table with a round apron and all the jigs he used during the build.



Members are encouraged to bring in examples of good and bad tools.